Hi, we're Infomediji

We're a high-tech company developing a cross-platform VR video streaming metaverse

We’re the team behind the development of the DeoVR video streaming platform. There are more than 90 talented people on our team from all over the world.

Working here is exciting, flexible, and a lot of fun! 

Join us in the co-creation of great products used by millions of VR fans!

Check videos for all open positions and meet the team. 

Cool technologies we work with

Our culture and values

People are the core of this company. We create, connect, and empower each other through VR and the metaverse, to resonate with our fellow VR creators and fans. Inside the company, we want our teammates to succeed in what they do, both personally and professionally. There is no better gratitude for our work than to see happy people.


We believe in the integrity, fairness, and reliability of our employees. Everyone is given autonomy for independent decision-making in order to contribute to the company’s goals.

Thinking outside of the box

We encourage idea sharing and exploring initiatives without fear of retribution. We support contributing outside of your specialty and open mobility between departments so you can develop in areas that interest you the most.

Personal development

We encourage continuous growth and invest in learning opportunities. If there are any courses and conferences you’d like to attend, we will enable that for you.

Knowledge sharing

We are committed to openly sharing information both inside the company for better efficiency and employee engagement as well as outside the company for the development of the entire VR ecosystem.


We are a family-friendly company and fully support the work-life balance of our employees. We offer flexible hours so you can organize your work how it best suits your lifestyle.

Long-term relationships

We greatly appreciate the dedicated and loyal people with great personalities and we strive for long-term connections. We provide opportunities for open movement and mobility across departments.


A vital role in the emergence of VR

Working with us you’ll be constantly exposed to VR technologies reshaping the world. We are one of the pioneers in the field of VR and we possess unique knowledge that no one else in the market has. We like to explore other cutting-edge methods to improve our products, like computer vision and data labeling.

Working remotely or relocation

You can work remotely from your home office or anywhere else in the world. We have some people who spend half a year in Bali and enjoy surfing while working :) You can also decide to relocate to Slovenia where we have our headquarters.

Comfortable working environment

We want our employees to be happy and feel good. People coming to the office may organize their workspace entirely to their needs. If you require any equipment to make your work more comfortable and productive, we will get that for you. Do you want a headset to explore VR from your home and have fun? We will provide you with one.

Flat organization

Instead of a traditional top-down hierarchy, we have a flat structure with a relaxed environment where everyone can communicate directly with all the team members and have the authority to implement their ideas.

Choosing your own projects

Most of our work is based on self-directed projects. People here don’t join projects because they are told to. Instead, they decide what to work on. They find where they resonate the most with our vision and shape their own role.

Working with a diverse international team

Here you have the opportunity to meet people and cultures from all over the world: the U.S., Germany, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, UK, etc. We learn so much from each other! Of course, we also have team buildings and lots of fun. Check out our team photos :)

Our hiring process

  • Reviewing your application

  • Introductory video meeting with HR

  • A small test project

  • Interview with hiring manager

  • Meeting some of the team you’d be working with, vibe check ;)

  • Decision and offer

Our headquarters

Tehnološki park 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenska različica strani